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Black Oak



Custom-made for individual customers, made of unique, rare materials - tables: black oak, solid wood or resin can soon decorate your dining room or living room.


Unique shapes


In our carpentry workshop, we're working on amazing projects: just look at the photo gallery to see how extraordinary possibilities a black oak or resin offers. The first thing that catches the eye is the unique look of the furniture. Solid oak tables, as well as other models, delight with clear jars and knots, easily felt under the fingers. The shapes of our products make an impression - the oak allows you to create both symmetrical figures, as well as those with wavy lines. We pay special attention to resin tables - its transparent color allows you to create the impression of floating pieces of wood.

Exceptional durability

Oak furniture, including those made of solid wood or its black variant, are properly finished and impregnated, thanks to which the tops will last for many years of use. Cyclic renewal is also not a problem, and after renovation it looks just as good as on the day of purchase.

If you care about a unique, handmade furniture that will please you with its uniqueness for a long time, please contact us.

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