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What to do to make your living room, dining room or reception desk really unique and delight you from the first look? It's very simple - choose hand-stylized oak floors.

Prepared to size

In our workshop, the master leans over each board. Thanks to individual treatment, our custom-made oak floors are unique - you will not find two identical copies. What's more, only you will find boards with a length of up to six meters! Imagine how amazing arrangements you can create thanks to them!

Individual projects of orders

We work with both private individuals and architects - we stylize the boards by hand, according to your order and idea. This distinguishes us from the competition: we create oak floors according to individual projects of our clients, from A to Z. So if you have a specific idea in your mind, our workshop will turn it into reality - and so that you will be satisfied!


Endless possibilities

Because we make custom-made oak floors, you get a product that perfectly suits your space in your home or property. You can choose from 150 designs, arranged in French, Hungarian and classic herringbone or in a traditional way. In combination with the possibilities of manual styling, it gives an infinitely many variants of space arrangement. It is worth adding that we are open to all ideas and visions: we can make wooden strips between boards, decorate walls and ceilings with boards, or make stairs and stylish kitchen fronts to order.

Carpentry services - sales and assembly

Custom-made and manual styling according to individual designs are not everything. We offer the sale and installation of oak floors in the homes and facilities of our clients. We carry out the service professionally and efficiently: we perfectly know the material with which we work, we have the necessary skills and equipment.

If you dream of wood on the floor in your home, or an impressive arrangement using handmade boards, please contact the experts. We offer custom-made orders, sales and professional assembly - we guarantee your satisfaction for years!

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