Wood flooded entirely in epoxy resin

New price: 3200 2500 Euro / m2

Resin tables are a combination of two materials, wood and epoxy resin. Selected boards are embedded in a transparent resin. Thanks to this combination, we achieve a modern and timeless look. The table top can also be made in an exposed form. The natural material which is wood, we combine with the resin in the form of "canyons" or edges. In this form, the wood is covered with natural oil, thanks to which you feel the warmth of wood, contact with nature, and resin give the charm of modernity and class.

Each table can have any size and shape according to the customer's order.

Epoxy resin is a very durable material. It can be renewed many times in a very simple way.

The tops are mounted on a base made of tempered glass or steel. Tables are produced for individual orders. There are no two identical copies. Each table is 100% handmade.

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Combination of exposed wood and resin

New price: 2300 1600 Euro / m2

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