Classic glued form.

New price: 1400 700 Euro / m2

Our products are made of solid oak, in the form of one-piece (monoliths), bi-polar or multiple (glued in width). Countertops are made by hand according to the old rules of carpentry. The surfaces are finished with the highest quality oils, thanks to which you feel contact with nature, texture and heat of wood by touching the table top. We offer countertops in a non-standard 55-70 mm thickness. Thanks to the increased volume, the countertop looks dignified, massively and exclusively. One of the distinguishing elements of our products is the high quality surface finish, cracks can be filled with black or transparent resin or left in a natural, raw form.

Two-mastered form

New price: 1400 1000 Euro / m2

One-piece form - monolith

New price:  2200 1600 Euro / m2

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