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It is said that it is a raw material rarer than a diamond, it is also called the "Polish ebony".

Speech of black oak. It is an extremely valuable and rare material that is a huge inspiration for the creators of furniture. In Czarist Russia, possession of black oak furniture threatened death. The only people who could enjoy this manifestation of luxury without fear of their own life was the ruler's family. Today, furniture from this wood can have anyone if the wallet will allow it.

Oak wood, so that it becomes a raw material suitable for furniture, must be sown in the ground or underwater for at least several hundred years, however, this time in the case of the Polish raw material is much longer. Under these conditions tannins contained in the oak in reaction with iron salts stain the wood into a characteristic black color and cause that 6% to 17% of its structure is a fossil.

Each table is 100% handmade and designed for individual orders. Thanks to this, the customer has the feeling of having a unique exhibit. Each table we design can have any size and shape in accordance with the most bold customer requirements. The tops are mounted on a base made of tempered glass or steel. This combination gives the furniture extraordinary beauty and unique character.

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